Below are a list of my recent notable projects.
Also, check out my github .

  1. Fuse Fonts

    An Adobe Photoshop plugin and its supporting installer, demo, and website. Built with Svelte/Sapper, nodejs, Electron, and Firebase. See the demo

  2. Dota 2 Viewing Party App

    An oddly specific SPA I built for myself when I hosted a viewing party for Dota 2's The International. The idea is that because of the websocket nature of Firebase's RealTime Database you can control multiple "Screens" or web pages from a single page. Built with Svelte 2 and Firebase. See the demo


    A challenge to build a lmgtfy-like site within 40 minutes. Built with Svelte, Firebase, and La Croix. See it at

  4. Suki.js

    A personal endeavor to create a modular and extensible ES7 game framework, with an easy-to-use API. See Code Samples here or the suki.js Wiki