About Me

I spend a greater portion of my time working on side projects or helping friends with theirs. I tend to continuously have a side project underway, and I love to collaborate on ideas.


  • I'm interested in third-wave coffee. When I travel I like to explore local coffee shops and roasteries. I'm honing in on a great home pour-over.

  • Video games and eSports. I especially enjoy couch co-op games and games that are a social experience.

  • Game development, game design, and interactive art. I plan to make my own games soon.

  • I recently starting learning more about cinematography―out of a pursuit of better films and anime. I've been a fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Wes Anderson films for a long time, but I'm on a journey to learn more.

  • I spend way too much time actively looking for new music. I follow the post-punk and post-hardcore genres most actively, but I enjoy many others.